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Our Mission

We want to exalt God by helping each person fervently love God and others; and to help make disciples of all people groups

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Our heart & soul is to connect people with the living & powerful God.

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The Risen community that gathers on every day,a church that loves God and People

Rev.Dr.Prof.C Devasagayam Ph.D

“Rise and stand on your feet; for I have appeared to you for this purpose, to make you a minister and a witness both of the things you have seen and the things which I will yet reveal to you” (Acts 26:16).

Pastors are called by God; they do not volunteer

Rev.Dr.Prof.C Devasagayam Ph.D is the senior pastor of Truth Bible Research Ministries in chennai. His wife name is D.Shantha jyothi , and their daughter D.Priscilla Age & his son name is D.Cirus Paul age about 6 years when they (My family) are lived in the border of Kashmir the residence of military campus and their residence is nearby Himachal Pradesh at the river bank of RAVI where the water is running.

When he was working in the Military force in the year of 15-07-1997 on the day of evening his family met one big cyclone that day is black day to them. Their two children’s were immersed in with water.One military man son played with their children’s just he pushed his daughter into the River, she immersed and pull by the water. When his son seeing this he gone to save her that time he also immersed and pulled by the water.

Military force higher authorities and friends all are searched about two days. In the last minute they found the dead bodies of their children’s.

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Our Vision

We are committed to being and making disciples. Disciples are people who are so in love with Jesus, they have decided that the most important.

To establish 300 churches in North India

Children’s Ministry

Social Welfare Ministries

God intends not only that his mission would go forward but that it would go forward on his terms

“‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind"

To Prepare the People

A leader's health as essential for the well being of a community.

Pastor’s seminar

We provides quality resources to promote biblical principles.

Social welfare ministry

The power of god's presence accomplishing more than we might imagine possible.

Children's ministry

Lifelong learning for the purpose of maturing as god's children.


As humans we look at things and think about what we've looked at. We treasure it in a kind of private art gallery.